• Mellow Wedge Heel Launching

    Mellow Wedge Heel Launching

    2016 / 03 / 16 / 1035 view

    walk & rest that is geared towards light and soft shoes is showcasing formal but soft Mellow Wedge Heel for the 2016 S/S season.

    walk & rest’s Mellow Wedge Heel enables women to enjoy wedge heel with high heel like a flat shoes since it is comprised of the outer surface that recreated leather shoes-like feel and insole made with the Chamude fiber material which is a premium synthetic material. Heel of the shoes made with rubber material prevents slipping and adds on the sense of softness to the shoes, protecting the feet from shock. Moreover, Tenderate, the lightest and softest new plastic material, It feels much softer by using tenderate, and the 140g of weight makes it lighter. As such, customers will feel as if they are not wearing shoes at all.

    walk & rest’s Mellow Wedge Heel that will satisfy even the fashionable style based on the soft wearing feeling is available in five colors; solid black, ash gray, deep navy, nude beige and denim red.

    Practical value was increased since it can be worn to create casual daily style by maintaining light wearing feeling along with static and clean cut design when it comes to the office look that needs to maintain formal look.

  • 2015 Red Dot Design Award Winner

    2015 Red Dot Design Award Winner

    2016 / 03 / 16 / 783 view

    Followed by the ‘iF Design Award 2015’ product design award that the walk & rest won on May of 2015, it won the Winner award for the Communication Design category of the ‘Red Dot Award’ as well.

    Red Dot Award won this time is recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in the world, considered one of the top three awards along with the iF Design Award.

    Winning the Red Dot Award in 2015 is even more significant since it was won amidst high competition rate as 7,431 pieces were launched from 53 nations.

    walk & rest branding was carried out after gaining the motif from the naturalism, rationalism and relaxation which are the shoes’ characteristics. Shoes package that can be re-used like a drawer is practical, and applied the natural color onto the material and the restrained typography.

    Instead of showing the application and store concept as well as graphic motif in a graphical manner, focus was placed on transmitting the brand image in a natural and comfortable manner.

    walk & rest will add on the value of the ‘shoes that is fashionable but that also offers perfect comfort feel’ with the firm brand concept.

  • Rest Finder

    Rest Finder

    2016 / 03 / 11 / 744 view

    about ‘rest finder’ campaign

    The ‘Rest Finder’ campaign is an on-going collaboration with individuals that pursue the true value of rest in their life. We plan to seek various expressions of interpreting the meaning of rest. The first ‘Rest Finder’ is photographer Saiida.

    Photographer Saiida spends her time with her close mates while relaxing. She gains happiness and words of comfort through this moment. The break she spends is her energy source to her everyday life.

    Together and Individually, we commemorate the visuospatial connection.

    – Saiida –

    scene 1

    scene 2

    scene 3

    scene 4

    scene 5

    Together & Individually

  • 2015 iF design award winner

    2015 iF design award winner

    2016 / 03 / 11 / 778 view

    Walk&rest has won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015 for the product discipline. The iF Design Award is supervised by the International Forum Design.

    The iF is not only known for its prestige for the past 60 years, but also it is one of the top three design awards going together with the IDEA Design award and the Red Dot Design award. The winners of the iF Award are evaluated by high standards; design, quality, innovation, safeness, durability and so on.

    Especially as a shoe product, it is exceptional to receive the iF Design Award.

    Walk&rest is recognized for its well balanced design and the coexistence of ‘style and comfort’ that not much shoes provide.

    We also have achieved recognition for the following standards; overcoming the limitations of plastic-based shoes by displaying a clean surface, maximizing the material’s merits by performing an ultralight product, and as well as using the dual injection technology to apply an inner air curve to not only offer a pleasant experience but also high durability.

    With a simple design that can satisfy both style and comfort at the same time, we want to pass the value of the brand.

    We are very humble to be awarded by the International Forum Design. By maintaining our original intention and brand identity, we will keep on progressing.