Walk & Rest is an outcome of pursuit of “balance between style and comfort” in everyday life.
Under the concept of “soft shoes” combining formality of dress shoes and comfort of sport shoes,
Walk & Rest offers ideas for the right balance by seeking unbeaten paths and pursuing technological evolution.

Soft Material
by Tenderate

All products of Walk & Rest uses the shoe making material
developed by Tenderate, Move Series.
The product offers comfort for every step and softness.

Move 100  

Move 100

Soft and elastic material offers
skin-like softness when wearing.

Move 100  

Move 200

Outsole uses relatively harder material
to ensure balance for every step and prevent distortion.

Soft solution

Tenderate is a combination of the two words,
“tender” and “moderate” to convey a message that the company places
users on the top priority throughout the entire product making process.
By adequately combining material making technology built
throughout twenty seven years of experience and engineering revolving around shoe making,
Tenderate seeks to offer solution for a lifestyle filled with
softness and comfort and defines its pursuit as “Soft Solution”.